Can’t sleep.

It’s been a long time since an update graced this page. Here it is. I hope you like it.

I can’t sleep. So I am here updating the godforsaken blog. I try to relax and think nice relaxing thoughts, but I just can’t seem to unwind. Maybe this will help clearing my thoughts.

I am super excited about a LARP taking place next summer. A future/post-apoc style with influences of Mad Max and 80’s cyberpunk. Have stripped my old motorcycle down to bits and am currently rebuilding it to a scrambler so it can deal with the terrain. Have also realized I need to get in shape for the LARP, since I can barely walk up the stairs to 2nd floor at work without getting short of breath. The insomnia keeps me from being energetic enough to go to the gym, though. Need to better myself. Bad wolf.

Since the last post, I’ve also had a turbulent work life. I’ve left film school, went back to IT tech for a year or two, lost my job, worked as a motorcycle technician for a few months, and now back to doing IT tech again. Was fun fixing motorcycles for a living, but new job pays handsomely, so I’m not complaining. Might do bikes again if I win a lot of cash though.

Going to a Halloween party this weekend. Got myself a really nice costume. Or, well, the costume is cheap, but I’m gonna make it really nice. Might post some pictures of it after the weekend is over.

Have been getting into Elite: Dangerous lately. Can recommend it to anyone into flight sims, sci-fi and/or Euro Truck Simulator. Bought a HOTAS joystick and throttle to be able to maneuver properly, and it gave the game another boost.

Well, gonna give this sleeping thing another try. Catch you next time.


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